A Roadmap for Inclusive Marketing

A Roadmap for Inclusive Marketing

As a leader in your company, you try to make sure both your employees and customers feel welcome, right? Everyone has the goal of making an approachable brand, but how do you know if your efforts are inclusive to all, or if some find it rather exclusive? Turns out, there is a way you can proactively identify and assess your effectiveness in this area.

What is Inclusive Marketing?

Inclusive marketing is developing content that makes an effort to include a wide range of people, particularly those that are often not a part of the conversation. Inclusivity can include race, education, gender, class, language, culture, ethnicity, age, ability, sexuality or any other factor that has been historically marginalized by society. Everyone wants and deserves to be included in the narrative, but many have been left behind. Inclusive marketing gives your company the opportunity to counter this pattern and become a model for positive change. When done well, it has proven to be very rewarding, and customers act in response. This allows big companies to find renewed purpose and expanded audiences and allows new companies to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. Meanwhile, it can backfire when it’s done poorly or not done at all.

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