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New Branding, Website, and Content Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Client Testimonial

When launching my brand, JustAir, I knew I needed a modern brand identity and clean website to clearly communicate our value and process; and look professional in the eyes of government officials and investors. Steel Croissant hit a home run with our logo and we absolutely love the illustrations they’ve incorporated into our website. Working with them has been both enjoyable and results-focused, so we are excited to further the relationship with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media and more!

Darren Riley, Co-Founder & CEO at JustAir Solutions


About Project

Steel Croissant is passionate about working with nonprofit organizations that aim to make a real difference for marginalized communities through technology and innovation, and JustAir does exactly that. JustAir provides a solution for local air quality monitoring using neighborhood-level sensors, particularly in urban communities that carry the majority of the asthma burden in the United States. When Darren, the founder, came to us to update the JustAir website and logo, we were eager to take on the challenge.


In 2022, Detroit was named the #1 asthma capital in the US, and the city received an ‘F’ rating for high ozone days and particle pollution. This was frightening news for Detroit communities, but it led to the placement of more of JustAir’s monitors throughout the city. The data collected with these monitors is shared with communities to help improve individual health outcomes. As the nonprofit expanded to several US cities, people were turning to the JustAir website for information.

The JustAir team wanted asthma-related information to be more inclusive and accessible to the general public, so they asked Steel Croissant to create informational, SEO-optimized content for their website. They also needed a new logo that spoke to their mission, additional pages on the site, and a fresh design with new copy so that sponsors, changemakers, and community partners could get updated information and have a pleasant online experience.


Steel Croissant had worked with JustAir in the past, so we were familiar with their branding and identity, but wanted to run a workshop to see how these things had transformed over the years. Through this workshop, we came to find that JustAir needed more information about their mission and monitors on their site. We also understood the importance of being transparent about the data they collect. We know that data can be intimidating when not presented clearly. Whether you’re a changemaker that’s worked in public policy your entire career or you are a high school student that wants to make informed health decisions, the data JustAir shares is easy for everyone to absorb, and the website needed to reflect that. 

Branding Project

JustAir needed a new logo with natural imagery that spoke to its mission. The colors blue, yellow, and green were therefore chosen as they represent water, earth, and wind. The organization aims to be a generational community partner, something that our designer wanted to show through the colors. JustAir believes everyone, no matter what neighborhood they are born in, has access to clean air and information to make independent health decisions. In order to create this sense of openness and transparency, light and inviting colors were used in the logo.

Search Engine Optimization

JustAir likes to speak with the sponsors, changemakers, and partners that make up their community, rather than speaking at them. It was very important to the team that we maintain this casual, but well-informed, tone of voice. In providing helpful tips to the JustAir audience and sharing information about clean air, we have managed to naturally integrate keywords to ensure a boost in organic traffic and rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages). We have developed several long-form pieces of content that have shown amazing results.

Design and Web Development

JustAir is committed to environmental justice and believes it’s important to provide data to residents at the local-level. In order to demonstrate JustAir’s commitment to making a difference locally, we decided to create local landing pages in the cities where JustAir’s monitors are placed. We were also aware that this would have a positive impact on search results as it would improve rankings and visibility for local searches. 

JustAir released new technology and features that were not yet present on the site. We chose to showcase these new features in an interactive way. Residents can now sign up for text alerts on air quality concerns and can even get alerts about the source of the pollution. On the site, we’ve shown users how they can look at the air quality index at a local level by zooming in and out.

Our Results

Since the site update, JustAir has seen a 182% increase in organic traffic. The average engagement time on the site has increased by 19% and the event counts by 84%, meaning the site is attracting qualified traffic and the content is serving its audience. The JustAir website has also seen a dramatic increase in keyword rankings, all of which are a direct result of the local SEO pages and long-form content that we consistently publish on the site. Finally, as a result of our design and website development, JustAir now has 7 image packs attached to the website. Image packs on SERPs are rows of images that can appear when a user conducts a search on Google and are an indication of great design and a well-optimized website.

Increase in Organic Traffic Within 6 Months
Increase in Event Counts Within 3 Months
Increase in Engagement Time Within 3 Months
Increase in Backlinks Within 6 Months

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