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Re-Imagined Website Breathes New Life Into Accessible Brand

Client Testimonial

"Our online presence is critical to our company’s success. This presence needs to reflect our product, the uniqueness of our company, our values and our voice. Finding the right marketing company was crucial. Steel Croissant is the right company.The folks at Steel Croissant came to us with talent, curiosity and an excellent capacity to listen. They translated the purpose and passions that drive YesLMS into a distinct marketing voice. Steel Croissant has not only lifted us above the noise of our competitors but they have made us a stronger company in the process.Steel Croissant continues to be our go-to for all marketing needs."

Linda Hedenblad, CEO of YesLMS


About Project

YesLMS was founded to push the importance of accessibility into the digital space. Their strong brand mission needed an equally strong visual identity and accessible website. Our team at Steel Croissant was excited for the opportunity and challenge and got right to work designing these new assets. YesLMS came out of this partnership with a beautiful brand identity and website, and our team came out with important lessons learned about accessibility that we can now share with our audience as well as future clients.

About YesLMS

YesLMS had been working hard to establish themselves as a leader in accessibility amongst their industry peers, and they had found great success with a number of accessibility-focused clients. But they wanted to expand their audience and spread their message about the importance of accessibility in the workplace and the digital space.

The team behind YesLMS decided the best way to accomplish this was through a visual rebrand. They wanted a fresh, new logo and website to showcase their professionalism as well as their fun, inclusive spirit. YesLMS approached our team with this request as well as the accessibility requirements they need their marketing partners to follow, and we knew we had to take on this project.

Branding Exploration

The original YesLMS logo had a generic look and feel, while communicating interaction. The concept of a chat bubble grew into recognition of the partnership that YesLMS has with its customers and colleagues. Our logo exploration focuses on a feeling of affirmation, communication, collaboration and diversity. This produced a range of vibrant and streamlined logo options that evolved into their final logo package.


Now that we had their name solidified, we could begin the branding process by coming up with a new logo. YesLMS wanted something clean, simple, and easy to read. We needed something with high-contrast colors so that people with visual impairments would be able to clearly interpret.

Our designs included elements that referenced LMS’s, education, and the word “yes.” With each design, we kept accessibility in mind and ran them through several tests to ensure readability including testing the color contrast, legibility of the font, and more. The final choice launched YesLMS’s rebrand with a new feel that fit their personality to a “T” (or, better yet, a “Y”).

Branded Assets

These new brand elements called for official assets like a full brand guide and a branded presentation. The brand guide includes guidelines for things like colors, typography, iconography, and accessibility that establish a consistency across all YesLMS content. We also included mockups for materials they might need for events like conferences and presentations.

We took these guidelines and created a presentation that YesLMS can use to introduce prospective clients to their company. It included their new branded elements and information about their LMS, with an emphasis on accessibility. We made sure that it lived up to their accessibility standard as well, including alt-text for all visual elements.


To tie this rebrand all together, we needed to implement YesLMS’s new branding into a state-of-the-art website complete with their new logo, color palette, and iconography. We completely restructured the hierarchy of their site and made sure the layout was intuitive and relevant to their products. The copy was completely re-written for their buyer personas, their images updated, and their CTA’s polished to direct traffic towards newsletter signups and contact form submissions.

The content was all optimized based on our SEO research with a goal of establishing YesLMS as the #1 accessible LMS in the world. Considering accessibility has and will always be at the forefront of everything YesLMS does, we needed to be sure that their new website would be accessible to nearly anyone who came across it.


The YesLMS site’s accessibility needs are based on an internal checklist following the advice of experts and advocates including A11y, Dr. Michele A. Williams, W3, and Deque University.

There are 50+ native features that have been augmented to account for accessibility concerns. They include but are not limited to: animation, appearance, code structure, color, content, controls, forms, headings, images, interactions, keyboard shortcuts, list structure, media limitations, and table structures. The YesLMS site covers a range of accommodations, including color blindness, poor vision requiring control over text sizes, descriptive alt text, aria labels including skip-level to optimize keyboard navigation, and a robust accessibility widget powered by AccessiBe.

Our Results

The new YesLMS now has a solid brand identity with a strong logo and color palette they can’t wait to show off. Their new website has been fully optimized with their audience in mind and, of course, is fully accessible with a whole host of features available to visitors to streamline their experience. Both the YesLMS and Steel Croissant teams are extremely proud of what we have accomplished together. YesLMS is so excited for the future of their brand, and we are coming away from this project with invaluable knowledge and experience related to accessibility.

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