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Ethical Strategies, AI Breakthroughs, and Social Media Evolution

February 2, 2024


This week in B2B, we're jumping into the essentials of ethical branding, the impact of AI in various sectors, and the evolving landscape of social media marketing.

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What’s Trending in Marketing, Business, and Social Media This Week?

🎵 ‘Universal music tiktok’ was a breakout search

📱 ‘Social media senate hearing’ saw a 2,350% increase in searches

🖥️ ‘Design trends 2024’ saw a 40% increase in searches

👷 ‘SEO for hvac contractors’ was a breakout search

🔍 ‘Google search console’ saw a 40% increase in searches


📰 This Week's Headlines

TikTok Embraces Horizontal Videos: A Shift for Creators TikTok's new focus on horizontal videos marks a significant shift, offering creators more versatility in content creation. Read more

Google's Bard Chatbot: The Global Gemini Pro Update Google's Bard Chatbot receives the Gemini Pro update, enhancing its capabilities and global reach. Read more

Mastering Semantic Keywords: A Marketer's Essential Guide Unlock the potential of semantic keywords to revolutionize your SEO strategy and enhance online visibility. Read more

New York Times Appoints AI Editorial Director Discover how The New York Times is embracing AI in journalism with the appointment of a dedicated AI Editorial Director. Read more

Ethical Branding in B2B: Building Trust and Sustainability Learn how to navigate the path to trust and sustainability in B2B marketing through ethical branding practices. Read more

Redefining B2B Leads: The Power of Data Enrichment Explore why data enrichment is becoming a key strategy for generating high-quality leads in B2B marketing. Read more

Shopify's AI Image Editor: Revolutionizing Product Displays Shopify rolls out an AI-powered image editor, transforming how products are visually presented online. Read more

Google Unveils GenAI Tools for Music Creation Google introduces groundbreaking GenAI tools, opening new creative possibilities in the realm of music production. Read more

UMG's TikTok Music Pullout: AI Contract Dispute Universal Music Group withdraws from TikTok over an AI contract dispute, impacting the music landscape on the platform. Read more

Google's AI-Powered Image Generator: A Creative Leap Google launches an innovative AI-powered image generator, setting a new standard in digital creativity. Read more

MessageBird's Bold Rebranding and Price Slash MessageBird rebrands as 'Bird' and dramatically cuts SMS prices, challenging Twilio's market dominance. Read more


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