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LinkedIn's New Video Feed, AI Evolutions, and B2B Growth Marketing Insights

March 28, 2024


This week's B2B landscape is buzzing with innovation and strategic shifts. From LinkedIn's exploration of TikTok-like video feeds to new advanced AI tools from Adobe. Things are definitely heating up!

🔍 This Week in "Search"

What’s Trending in Marketing, Business, and Social Media This Week?

💼  ‘Digital marketing agency for small business’ was a breakout search

📱 ‘Good Friday social media posts’ saw a 160% increase in searches

📆  ‘Social media scheduling tools’ saw a 120% increase in searches

🕐 ‘Best time to post on Wednesday’ saw a 120% increase in searches

🗺️ ‘Local search engine optimization’ saw a 130% increase in searches


📰 This Week's Headlines

LinkedIn's New Venture: A TikTok-Like Video Feed

LinkedIn experiments with integrating a TikTok-like video feed, aiming to enhance user engagement within its app. Read more

AI Search Evolution: Perplexity Copilot vs. Google

A deep dive into the AI search battle between Perplexity Copilot and Google, exploring the future of search technology. Read more

B2B Marketing for Gen Z: Crafting Digital Experiences

Strategies for B2B marketers to connect with Gen Z by enhancing digital customer experiences. Read more

B2B Market Growth: Projected to Hit €1.7 Trillion by 2025

The B2B market is on a rapid growth trajectory, expected to reach €1.7 trillion in turnover by 2025. Read more

New Realities for B2B Marketers in 2024

B2B marketers are facing a new set of realities and challenges in today's evolving marketplace. Read more

Microsoft's Surface Innovations: A Conversation with Pavan Davuluri

Insights into Microsoft's latest Surface innovations and future plans from Pavan Davuluri, a key figure behind the technology. Read more

Top 10 Marketing Data Challenges for B2B in 2024

Forbes outlines the major marketing data challenges B2B businesses are facing this year and how to navigate them. Read more

Adobe's AI Innovations: Firefly AI and GenStudio for Brands

Adobe introduces Structure Reference for Firefly AI and GenStudio, offering new tools for brand creativity. Read more

Mastering Web Security: TLS Protocols, SSL Certificates, and More

A comprehensive guide to elevating your web security with TLS protocols, SSL certificates, and advanced strategies. Read more

DOJ vs. Apple: The Latest in Antitrust Developments

Stay updated on the DOJ's antitrust case against Apple, examining the implications for monopoly and competition in tech. Read more


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