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Navigating the Future of B2B Marketing: AI, Video Trends, and Strategic Insights

April 4, 2024


This week, uncover the latest in B2B Marketing with trends from video marketing to AI's impact on business, alongside Google's updates and effective influencer strategies. See how these developments are transforming the B2B landscape.

🔍 This Week in "Search"

What’s Trending in Marketing, Business, and Social Media This Week?

🗺️ ‘Local seo companies’ saw a 70% increase in searches

🛍️ ‘Shopify seo services’ saw a 60% increase in searches

🖥️ ‘Is web development dying’ saw a 110% increase in searches

✏️ ‘Ui design consultancy’ was a breakout search

⌚️ ‘atm meaning on social media’ saw a 1,100% increase in searches


📰 This Week's Headlines

Key Content Marketing Statistics for 2024

Uncover essential content marketing statistics that every marketer should know to stay ahead in 2024. Read more

The State of Video Marketing in 2024

Check out Vidico's comprehensive report on the trends and forecasts shaping the video marketing landscape in 2024. Read the report

Google Addresses Forum Listings in Search Results

Google responds to feedback regarding the prominence of forum results in searches, aiming for a balanced user experience. Read more

Recovering from Google's 2024 Core Update

Strategies and insights on how to adjust your site in the wake of Google's latest core update for optimal performance. Read more

Creating a No-Cost B2B Influencer Marketing Program

Learn how to leverage influencer marketing for your B2B brand without breaking the bank. Read more

B2B's Advantage in the New Era of Identifiers

Explore why B2B sectors are well-positioned to thrive with the advent of new digital identifiers and data strategies. Read more

OpenAI's Latest Innovations: Saving Time at Work

Discover how OpenAI's newest developments are designed to streamline productivity and save time in professional settings. Read more

Automating Tasks with Windows: A How-To Guide

Microsoft introduces new ways to automate repetitive tasks in Windows, enhancing efficiency for users. Read more

AI Startups Shine at Y Combinator's Winter 2024 Demo Day

Highlights from Y Combinator's Demo Day, showcasing AI startups that are set to transform various industries. Read more

The Dawn of the AI Gadget Era

Examining the rise of AI-powered gadgets and their potential to redefine everyday life and technology use. Read more


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