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Shaping the Future of B2B Marketing: AI Innovations and Brand Advocacy

March 15, 2024


This week, we look into the escalating TikTok ban discussions, Amazon's AI advancements for sellers, and the shift towards brand advocacy in B2B marketing. Plus, insights into engaging digital natives and strategies for viral marketing success.

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💧 ‘Drip marketing’ saw a 450% increase in searches

💻 ‘B2B ecommerce software’ saw a 200% increase in searches

🔍 ‘Securing an SEO strategy’ was a breakout search

📁 ‘B2B internet marketing agency’ saw a 4,600% increase in searches


📰 This Week's Headlines

Meet Your New AI Developer

Cognition Labs shares expert insights on leveraging AI for strategic advantage, from improving operational efficiencies to driving customer engagement. Read more

The TikTok Ban Escalates: A Closer Look at the Push for Sale

The movement to ban TikTok gains momentum, exploring the implications for tech and social media landscapes. Read more

Amazon Empowers Sellers with AI-Driven Listing Creation

Amazon introduces a revolutionary feature allowing sellers to create listings through a URL, simplifying the process with AI. Read more

Advocates Over Ads: Lessons from Tesla and GoPro for B2B Marketers

Discover how B2B marketers can learn from Tesla and GoPro's focus on brand advocacy over traditional advertising. Read more

Engaging Digital Natives: Innovative B2B Marketing Strategies

Forbes shares insights on appealing to digital natives with fresh B2B marketing strategies that resonate with this tech-savvy audience. Read more

Achieving Viral Stardom: A B2B Marketer's Guide

A step-by-step guide for B2B marketers aiming to achieve viral success and significantly boost their brand's online presence. Read more


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