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Strategic Insights in B2B: Navigating Updates and Unpacking Trends

April 26, 2024


This week in B2B, the focus is on strategic responses to major digital and marketing shifts—from regulatory updates like net neutrality to adapting marketing strategies in light of Google's SEO updates. Additionally, insights into emotional influences in B2B advertising and international developments in social media regulations highlight the global dynamics affecting the sector.

🔍 This Week in "Search"

What’s Trending in Marketing, Business, and Social Media This Week?

🕴️ ‘B2B content strategies’ saw a 250% increase in searches

🌍 ‘Earth day social media posts’ was a breakout search

📱 ‘Drive social media reviews’ saw an 80% increase in searches

🧑⚖️ ‘Senate passes TikTok bill’ saw an 850% increase in searches

❌ ‘Can you turn off meta ai on Instagram’ saw a 1,200% increase too!


📰 This Week's Headlines

Recovering from Google’s Core Update: Steps to Regain Your Site's Ranking

Find out how Google's latest core update might affect your site's rankings and learn effective strategies to recover and even improve your site’s visibility. Read more

Global Reactions to TikTok’s Ban: A Preview for the U.S.?

Review the global impact of TikTok’s bans in various countries and what these developments could mean for the future of the platform in the U.S. Read more

FCC Moves to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules

Understand the implications of the FCC's recent vote to reinstate net neutrality rules under Chairwoman Rosenworcel, impacting telecoms and internet fairness. Read more

Mastering B2B Marketing: A 2024 Strategic Playbook

Gain insights from a top strategist’s playbook for excelling in B2B marketing in 2024, focusing on proven tactics and innovative approaches. Read more

The Emotional Power of B2B Advertising

Explore how emotional appeal in B2B advertising can drive success beyond traditional rational strategies, backed by recent studies and expert analysis. Read more

Microsoft's Cyber Security Report: Trust and Incident Insights

Examine key findings from Microsoft's latest cyber security trust report, revealing trends and statistics on recent cyber incidents affecting global businesses. Read more


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