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The Top Marketing Channels, Influencer Strategies, and AI Breakthroughs

February 9, 2024


This week, we look at maximizing B2B growth through strategic marketing channels, the evolving landscape of influencer marketing, and the significant role of AI in advertising. Plus, insights into Gen Z's travel habits influenced by TikTok and the latest on Google's cookie deprecation delay.

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📰 This Week's Headlines

Google's Gemini Ultra: The New Paid Tier Revolution Google intensifies its commitment to Gemini, introducing a $20 paid tier for Gemini Ultra, promising unparalleled AI capabilities. Read more

Maximizing B2B Growth: Top Marketing Channels for 2024 Uncover the most effective B2B marketing channels to drive growth and engagement in the coming year. Read more

B2B Influencer Marketing: A Fresh Strategy for Growth Discover why B2B influencer marketing is emerging as a powerful strategy for driving growth and how to implement it effectively. Read more

Microsoft's Super Bowl Ad: AI Copilot Takes Center Stage Microsoft showcases its AI Copilot in a Super Bowl ad, highlighting its potential to transform everyday tasks. Read more

Google's Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Delayed Google announces a delay in the deprecation of third-party cookies, impacting advertisers and marketers. Read more

Navigating Online Community Management Challenges in B2B Explore the unique challenges of managing online communities in the B2B sector and strategies for overcoming them. Read more

Liquid Death's Bold Move Against Super Bowl Advertising Norms Liquid Death attempts to dethrone the Super Bowl as the pinnacle of advertising with a bold new campaign. Read more

TikTok's Influence on Gen Z Travel Decisions A recent survey reveals how TikTok significantly influences Gen Z's travel choices and preferences. Read more


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