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Transforming B2B Marketing: Strategic Insights and Platform Innovations

April 18, 2024


This week in B2B, we're focused on strategic advancements from key players and pivotal marketing trends. From regulatory navigations in marketing metrics and LinkedIn’s significant visibility updates, to innovative strategies on YouTube and insights into account-based marketing, these topics are shaping the future of B2B engagement.

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What’s Trending in Marketing, Business, and Social Media This Week?

🎥 ‘Benefits of video marketing’ saw a 60% increase in searches

🤖 ‘B2B marketing automation’ was a breakout search

✅ ‘Omni channel marketing’ saw a 60% increase in searches

🌎 ‘Earth day social media posts’ saw a 350% increase in searches

📱 ‘Best time to post on TikTok Tuesday’ saw a 60% increase in searches

❌ ‘How to delete Instagram on iphone’ saw a 180% increase in searches


📰 This Week's Headlines

Mastering B2B Marketing Metrics in Regulatory Shifts

Explore how B2B marketers can navigate the evolving landscape of marketing measurement amidst new regulatory challenges, ensuring compliance and effectiveness. Read more

LinkedIn's Visibility Update: A Game Changer for B2B

Discover LinkedIn's latest update that enhances visibility for Premium Company Pages, potentially transforming how businesses engage with their audience on the platform. Read more

YouTube Content Strategy 2024: Elevate Your B2B Marketing

Get the best practices for crafting an impactful YouTube content strategy that resonates with your B2B audience in 2024, driving engagement and conversions. Read more

The Rise of Account-Based Marketing: Key Statistics

Uncover the latest statistics revealing the effectiveness and growth of account-based marketing, and why it's becoming a cornerstone strategy for B2B marketers. Read more

Airchat: The Next Big Social Platform or Another Flash in the Pan?

Analyze Airchat's potential to revolutionize social networking or risk fading away, drawing parallels with the rise and fall of platforms like Clubhouse. Read more

TikTok's Antitrust Challenges: Monopoly Accusations and Bans

Review the ongoing antitrust discussions around TikTok, focusing on allegations of monopolistic practices and the broader implications for tech giants. Read more

Samsung's Crisis Management: Extended Workweeks for Executives

Examine Samsung's decision to implement six-day workweeks for executives as a crisis management strategy, and its potential impacts on the company's culture and operations. Read more


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