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Accelerate Your Growth with AI-Powered Solutions

Optimize your marketing funnel with AI + SEO to build brand awareness, boost engagement, and increase qualified traffic to your website!


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Meet Your Instructor

Cassidy is a highly experienced SEO strategist with +5 years of experience. Her in-depth knowledge of search algorithms and SEO best practices allows her to provide valuable recommendations to enhance her clients' online presence.

Cassidy's optimizes websites for both people and search engines, which helps her clients attract more traffic and achieve higher conversion rates. She embraces cutting-edge technology such as AI, which has improved productivity and helped her deliver results-driven SEO strategies that exceed client expectations.
Increased in session duration by 156% in 1 year
Increase in users by 79% in 1 year
594% increase in impressions in 6 months
460% increase in clicks in 6 months
Whats Included?

Master the Art of AI-powered Content Development and SEO Strategy

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Learn the latest AI techniques for content and SEO optimization
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Get individualized coaching from experts to help you navigate the world of AI for marketers
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Create and execute a content and SEO strategy from A-Z powered by AI

Course Structure

month 1

Strategy Development

Learn from and work alongside our experts to develop a comprehensive SEO & content strategy. With personalized coaching and cutting-edge AI techniques, you'll learn how to optimize your website to achieve maximum results.

What's included:
  1. Weekly Training Webinars
  2. Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls
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month 2

Content Production

Leverage the skills and expertise you'll acquire in Phase 1 to create 200 pieces of premium, targeted content that aligns perfectly with your business needs and target audience. Using the latest AI tools and techniques, you'll craft content that not only ranks high on Google Search but also generates meaningful traffic and engagement to your site.

What's included:
  1. Bi-Weekly Training Webinars
  2. Bi-Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls
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month 3

Content Amplification

Here’s where we’ll take your content creation game to the next level. We'll show you how to measure your content’s performance, giving you the insights you need to continually improve and refine your strategy. And that's not all – we'll conduct a final audit of your site and work with you to develop a clear plan with actionable tasks that you can use to optimize and improve your site and content long after the course ends.

What's included:
  1. Bi-Weekly Training Webinars
  2. Bi-Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls
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Learn to Dominate Your Market with AI-Powered SEO Strategies that Work

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Are You Ready to See Real Results?!

Enroll now while there are still spots available because once they are gone, that’s it! Take advantage of our introductory offer and save 40%  $2,500 > $1,500. Kickstart your learning with three easy payments of $500. Better yet, this course also includes a money-back guarantee, so enroll risk-free and see the value for yourself.

What you will learn

  1. 200+ pieces of content
  2. 1:1 Coaching
  3. Live workshops
  4. An AI-driven content strategy
  5. Familiarity with AI-powered tools
  6. Step-by-step guidance
  7. A results-driven content plan
  8. Lifetime access to material
  9. Money-back guarantee

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