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Ahaan Iqbaal

Ahaan Iqbaal


Fullstack Engineer

I have always been an avid problem solver; I love finding solutions to complex problems whether it be regarding work or anything else in general. I always try to feed my curiosity and therefore I take up any challenges that come my way because I have this belief that I can figure it out.”

Ahaan has been working as an independent designer and developer for over four years with a focus in UI/UX design and full stack development. His favorite projects to work on include a blend of both creative and complex problems. As someone who is equally passionate about both design and development, he loves working on tasks which pique his curiosity in both. He appreciates how Steel Croissant is made up of a team of people from different parts of the world, across different time zones who work harmoniously and effectively to get our clients what they need.

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