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Driving Innovation and Security in B2B Marketing: This Week’s Top Tech and Strategy Insights

June 27, 2024


Let's Go 🎉

Hitting the B2B Headlines This Week: This week, we’re focusing on technological innovations and strategic advancements that are reshaping B2B marketing.

From Figma’s new AI tools to Webflow’s latest updates and the strategic use of YouTube and social media holidays, these developments are geared to elevate your marketing effectiveness.

Additionally, with the rise of security concerns around WordPress, we discuss the urgent need for safer platform solutions.


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🔍 This Week in "Search"

What’s Trending in Marketing, Business, and Social Media This Week?

💲‘Geofencing marketing’ was trending in marketing topics

📱 ‘Social media influencers aren’t getting rich’ saw a 300% increase in searches

🛍️ ‘B2B order management software’ saw a 170% increase in searches

💻 ‘B2B ecommerce solutions’ saw a 70% increase in searches

🩺 ‘SEO services for doctors’ saw a 70% increase in searches


📰 This Week's Headlines

Maximizing B2B Engagement for July 2024 Social Media Holidays

Get ready to boost your B2B brand's engagement with our guide to leveraging social media holidays in July 2024. Dive into strategic insights and creative ideas. Read more

Crafting a Winning B2B YouTube Strategy

Learn how to develop an effective B2B YouTube strategy with practical tips that ensure your content reaches and engages your target audience. Read more

Security Alert: Compromised WordPress Plugins

With ongoing security breaches, it's crucial to consider replatforming if you're still using WordPress. Explore alternatives to enhance your site's security. Read more

Figma Launches New AI Tools: A Creative Revolution

Figma introduces powerful AI tools designed to revolutionize the creative process. Explore how these innovations can enhance your design workflows. Read more

Webflow's Summer 2024 Release: Unlocking New Website Potential

Discover Webflow's latest updates released for Summer 2024. If you have questions about leveraging these new features for your website, respond to this email for personalized assistance. Read more

SEO Cost Calculator: Efficient Budgeting for Effective Results

Utilize the new SEO cost calculator to better plan and allocate your marketing budgets, ensuring cost-effective SEO strategies that deliver. Read more

Inspiring B2B Marketing Examples to Follow

Gain insights from successful B2B marketing examples. Learn from the strategies and approaches that have proven effective across various industries. Read more

Orby Innovates with AI Agents for Enterprises

Orby is set to transform enterprise operations with its new AI agents. Discover how these agents can automate processes and streamline decision-making. Read more


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