AI Prompting

January 1, 2023
1 Hour

The AI Classroom For Digital Marketers

A free, public webinar on how to use AI to get better outputs. This course is designed for brands who:

  • Understand the potential of AI but aren’t quite sure how to apply it to their job to see results
  • Have tried tools like ChatGPT, but never quite get the output that they need or expect
  • Want to dive into the world of AI, but have little to no experience
  • Believe leveraging AI can help with SEO and content creation

AI Prompts That Drive Growth

We cover several AI prompts for the following marketing techniques to help you automate tasks and become more efficient. In the webinar, we cover prompts for:

  • A backlink strategy
  • An FAQ
  • Blog titles
  • Generating buyer personas
  • Content for a specific buyer persona
  • Target keywords
  • Keywords based on search intent
  • Generating structured data for schema
  • Guest post outreach
  • Email subject lines

Curious to learn more? Watch our webinar on How to Use AI to Elevate Your Content Strategy.

Web Development
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing

Hosted by:

Cassidy Armbruster
Cassidy Armbruster
SEO & Marketing Strategist


Cassidy Armbruster
Cassidy Armbruster
SEO & Marketing Strategist

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