Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

September 29, 2022
1 Hour

Creating a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

There are four key steps needed to create a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. By employing a Digital-First approach to your marketing, your brand can create scalable content that is both evergreen and compounds over time. 

Abandoning Most Preconceived Notions

You might be asking yourself, what if it didn't work in the past? Steel Croissant would reply that failure is a part of marketing. Marketing should be viewed as a series of mini-experiments with the goal of gradually increasing your understanding and results over time. If you have tried and feel going digital wasn't right for your brand, ask yourself:

  • Was it bad timing? 
  • Could it have been poor execution? 
  • Did you test amongst a large enough sample size? 
  • Did you let the test run for long enough?  
  • Has your target audience or the landscape shifted since your last trial?

This Is What You Can Expect

In today’s session, Matt will reset expectations. It’s time to think about omnichannel digital strategies that deliver seamless experiences whether you’re in person or visiting various online channels. 

Below are the four steps we will dive into in today’s session that will help you better understand your target audience and connect with them. 

  1. Discovery 
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Execution
  4. Review

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Hosted by:

Matt Mroczek
Matt Mroczek
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Matt Mroczek
Matt Mroczek
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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