How To Use AI To Elevate Your Content Strategy

February 28, 2023
1 Hour

Streamline Content Production And Drive Results

If you know that your content isn’t performing quite at the level it should be, then this course is for you! This course is designed for brands who want:

  • To update their buyer personas
  • A clear and actionable content strategy
  • Help establishing a content production workflow
  • Support gathering buy-in from other stakeholders, contributors, and departments
  • To learn how to leverage AI without being penalized by search engines
  • Expert guidance on the latest strategies, tactics, and best practices
  • To master the art of Prompt Engineering

Master the Art of AI-powered Content Development and SEO Strategy

  • Dive into the ethics of AI and understand best practices for SEO with AI
  • Learn the latest AI techniques for content and SEO optimization
  • Get coaching from experts to help you navigate the world of AI for marketers
  • Use our prompts provided in the webinar to guide your strategy
  • Leave the course knowing how to execute an SEO strategy from A-Z powered by AI

Webinar Content

  • Get to know your SEO expert
  • Why we’re doing this
  • What is AI
  • Ethics of AI
  • Pros and cons of AI
  • What’s Google’s stance on AI?
  • The impact of AI on business
  • How AI can help with your content strategy
  • Ways to implement AI in your content strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Search intent
  • Topic clusters
  • Content ideas
  • Content briefs
  • Metadata
  • Voice search
  • Schema
  • The future of search

Digital Marketing

Hosted by:

Cassidy Armbruster
Cassidy Armbruster
SEO & Marketing Strategist


Cassidy Armbruster
Cassidy Armbruster
SEO & Marketing Strategist

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