SEO 101

January 23, 2023
1 Hour

The SEO Tactics You Need To Boost Visibility to Your Website

In this one hour session, Cassidy introduces you to the world of search engine optimization, defining what it is and how to get started with implementing and executing your own SEO strategy. This course in made for any brand or marketer that:

  • Has little to no experience with search engine optimization
  • Wants to target the right traffic to their site
  • Needs applicable techniques for conducting SEO research
  • Understands that even grasping the the basics of SEO will go a long way towards increasing visibility on search engines

It’s Time To Demystify SEO

Some pain points for marketers when it comes to SEO are that it’s too time consuming, too competitive, and too complex. I’m here to show you that doesn't have to be. In this session, you will learn to embrace the world of SEO with confidence as we cover:

The SEO Basics

  • Keywords
  • Search intent
  • How to conduct keyword research

On-Page SEO

  • On-page techniques
  • Technical SEO
  • How to measure success

Off-Page SEO

  • Off-page techniques
  • How to measure success

Trends for 2023

The Best SEO tools

Explore These SEO Resources To Become an Expert SEO Specialist

Web Development
Graphic Design

Hosted by:

Cassidy Armbruster
Cassidy Armbruster
SEO & Marketing Strategist


Cassidy Armbruster
Cassidy Armbruster
SEO & Marketing Strategist

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