Conversion Rate Optimization

October 13, 2021
1 Hour

How To Leverage Conversion Rate Optimization To Increase Revenue

You will leave this webinar understanding what you need to know in order to run a successful CRO campaign for your business. This course is made for any brand that:

  • Wants to increase the number of qualified leads coming to their site
  • Is unsure how to create a strategy to convert traffic into leads
  • Understands that investing in their website can have a compound effect, but doesn’t know where to start

What To Expect

In this session, we dive into the dynamic world of conversion rate optimization, exploring its concepts, key examples, and introductory techniques such as: 

  • What is conversion rate optimization?
  • How to perform a conversion rate audit
  • The relationship between the marketing funnel and CRO
  • Understanding user behavior
  • Why to do usability testing
  • How to set conversion goals
  • A/B testing for CRO campaigns

Curious to learn more? Visit this resource titled an Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization.

Web Development
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing

Hosted by:

Raymond Chou
Raymond Chou
UX Designer


Raymond Chou
Raymond Chou
UX Designer

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