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Robust Brand Identity Paves the Way to Product Launch

Client Testimonial

"We needed help launching our physical product as well as an accompanying app. Steel Croissant named and created a brand guide for us to get off to a fast start, launch our product, and make a good first impression with customers and investors. Strategy starts with a strong foundation, and this guide has given us a consistent look across all of our mediums and made us feel more like a polished company in the eyes of potential customers."

Chad Herzog, CEO of Dock Watch


About Project

We partnered with Green2Go to give them a new name, logo, and visual style that they could be proud to introduce into the trucking market with their new, innovative product. We were tasked to deliver visual elements that clearly indicated what their product was and who it was for.

The Client

It’s a common problem faced by truckers stuck at a loading dock: they have to wait for the green light to signal before they can be back on the road, but there’s no way to know if the light has turned green without keeping a constant eye on it from the driver’s seat. If a driver decides to take a quick nap or takes their attention away from the light for too long, they risk missing the light turning green. This can result in wasted time and scheduling backups with other drivers waiting to use the dock.

The Herzog family, represented by 2nd and 3rd generation truckers, has designed a device for truckers that eliminates the need to keep a constant watch on the dock light. Their device attaches to the light, connects to the driver’s phone via their app, and sends them a push notification once the light turns green. This handy device is a dream for truckers everywhere, and the Herzogs were excited to share it with them. But first they needed a name and a visual brand identity, and that’s where Steel Croissant came in.


Before we tackled the look of the brand, we needed a name for it. The Herzogs had chosen “Green2Go” as their name, but something didn’t feel quite right about it. It was too vague and a little more playful than they wanted. Our team got to work creating a word bank that included words and phrases related to trucking. We used these words to fuel our brainstorm sessions and eventually came up with four names to share with the client.

The names all conveyed something unique, yet tied into the main feature of their product and problem statement: the dock light. We paired each name suggestion with a logo mockup as well so that the Herzogs could see each brand name’s potential. Our naming presentation was a success, and the product now had a new name: Dock Watch.


Now that we had a name, we wanted to make sure we had the perfect iconography to match. We started creating logo mockups that could also be easily translated into app icons.

We took inspiration from clocks, trucks, the dock light, eyes, anything that could indicate what Dock Watch is and who it is for. Each logo mockup was paired with an app icon to show what it would look like on someone’s iphone. A winner was chosen from our mockups and tweaked until we landed on the final logo.

Brand Guide

Now that Dock Watch had a new name and a new look, they needed a visual brand guide to really lock in their assets and provide clear directions for how they can be used.

We created a brand guide that was easy to interpret and share that included typography, iconography, a color palette, voice and tone guidelines, stationary and apparel mockups, a moodboard, and imagery of the app in action.

Dock Watch’s visual brand was now complete, and they were ready to take their product to market.

Our Results

Our partnership with the newly minted Dock Watch really helped them solidify their identity and gave them a visual brand that they were excited to share with their target audience.

We worked hard to nail down the right tone for everything we created for Dock Watch and made sure that our client was completely satisfied with everything we handed over. The resulting visual brand is clean, eye-catching, and one of a kind. It pairs perfectly with the product and we’re just as excited as the Dock Watch team to see it hit the road.


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