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Redesigned Website Introduces a New Digital Experience

Client Testimonial

“We’ve seen an immediate increase in leads! Our goal for the new website was to showcase a modern, personable, and forward thinking brand; and I believe that’s exactly what we have accomplished. I’m excited to have an easy to use website built with SEO in mind so we are able to quickly grow our online presence both internally and with the help of Steel Croissant in the future. We’ve already seen an increase in leads and I can’t wait to see how future optimizations increase this even further.”

Joey Hovespan, Innovation and Marketing Manager


About Project

Marmon/Keystone partnered with SteelCroissant for their website redesign. They were looking to better showcase their personable, modern, and forward thinking brand while improving the UX and flow of the site. We knew we had to overhaul quite a bit of what was already existing.


Marmon/Keystone’s new site needed more information about their company, products, and industry while making the brand seem more approachable and human. Our challenge was to change user perception. Marmon/Keystone is not just a metals supplier but a partner that can handle multiple types of products and custom jobs while being an expert in their industry.

Our team began with a thorough website audit to determine what we wanted to keep and what needed to change. We also took a look at the competitive landscape and compared top competitor sites to Marmon/Keystone’s existing one. This showed us elements we may be missing and could add to the new site as well as ways we could easily one up the competition.

Strategy Development

We then moved on to messaging strategies and developing customer personas. Marmon/Keystone worked closely with us to provide as much information as possible about their customer base and what most of those people are like. We created accurate personas and created a messaging strategy to communicate Marmon/Keystone’s customer-oriented attitude, experience, and expertise.

Next, we needed an outline for the new site, so we designed a content strategy and moodboard. We brought existing themes from the old site, redistributed them into our working site, and created a content plan to fill in missing copy.

Website Redesign

The CMS was built for easy content updates to increase online visibility and establish a strong foundation for the next decade of Marmon/Keystone’s existence. We also researched industry keywords and added them into the new copy, working on improving their SEO score.

Individual page updates included adding some personality and “pizzazz” to the home page, bringing Marmon/Keystone into the modern age of dynamic websites. We brought more focus to the “About Us” page with the goal of building trust and showing customers that Marmon/Keystone is composed of real, committed people. Even the careers page received an update, communicating that, to Marmon/Keystone, talent is everything and there are some real perks to being a part of the team.

User Experience

We knew we wanted to keep the resource calculators from the original Marmon/Keystone website. These were invaluable resources that their customers could use to make their buying process more streamlined, and having them onsite would support Marmon/Keystone’s customer-centric attitude.

Our goal is to become a trusted resource for customers, increase their average time on site, and increase our standing with Google as a legitimate source of information. Because the calculators are so important, our site redesign included updating both calculators with JavaScript to make them easier to find and use.

Other efforts included workshopping site layout to ensure the best UX possible. We mapped out the customer’s journey with the Marmon/Keystone team and decided where and how to highlight the myriad of products and services Marmon/Keystone has to offer while crafting CTAs and language to guide customers through.

Media Production

Our team worked closely with Marmon/Keystone to produce three videos for their new site. We needed a looping video to serve as our home hero and show visitors who Marmon/Keystone is right off the bat.

Then, we wanted a playable video in the About Us section of the site to communicate to their customers exactly why they’re the clear choice for a metal supplier.

Finally, we worked with Marmon/Keystone’s team leaders to create a video for their Careers page that explains to any prospective hires why Marmon/Keystone is a great place to work.

Luckily for us it wasn’t that difficult to capture the earnesty and passion of the people behind Marmon/Keystone because they’re so much more than a metal supplier. They truly are a partner that cares wholeheartedly for their customers and workers. This was evident the moment we were able to meet Marmon/Keystone employees and listen to them talk about their experiences on the job. The final videos really capture the voice of the brand and, more importantly, its people.

Our Results

So, where did all of this work get us? Now Marmon/Keystone has a faster, ADA compliant site with a better UX, up-to-date content, and new content. Overall, each page has a much more modern feel with dynamic and high quality media. We created a better hierarchy that really shows off their products and services to any visitors.

Most importantly, the Marmon/Keystone team loves the work we have done.


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