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RISE Health Branding

Steel Croissant was able to provide an emerging brand with the assets they needed for an industry event in record time. RISE Health now has a strong, contemporary visual identity and website to match their mission.


Oral Health

Client Testimonial

We tasked Steel Croissant with creating a brand identity that was modern, inclusive, and distinct. They operationalized from soup to nuts in less than ten days for the initial phase of logo design, web design, and marketing collateral (decks, executive summary, etc.). The color scheme was exactly what we wanted, the logo fit the brand, the branding was consistent throughout all deliverables. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

- Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner

About The Project

RISE Health needed to discover their visual brand and fast. They had an upcoming public debut and required visual and digital assets to share with the world. We worked with their team to create a fresh logo, color scheme, visual deck, and website.

The Client

RISE Health, a women-powered group and the only inclusion-driven venture fund focused on oral health, came to us as a brand new organization looking to make their debut at an industry event in a matter of weeks. They needed a visual brand with assets that they could share and display with fellow industry professionals.

Some members of their team had worked with Steel Croissant in the past, so the RISE team came to us with a quickly approaching deadline and a list of deliverables. We gladly accepted the challenge.


We started with the most important part of their visual identity: their logo. They wanted something simple, authoritative, and empowering.

Our designs included elements that were inspired by RISE’s mission: real inclusion, strength, and empowerment for untapped talent and underserved businesses in the oral health space.


Once the final logo and iconography was selected, we moved on to scaling it for collateral that could be used at their event, announcing their brand launch.

This included signage, business cards, and a brand deck. Each asset included a unique iteration of their new logo paired with their contact information, industry statistics, and mission statement.


In addition to visual assets, RISE needed to establish a digital presence for interested parties doing their online research. They asked us to create a branded website that included their mission statement, information about their team, and a lead magnet to learn more.

We created a site that utilized their new visual assets and elegantly displayed their purpose and brand voice. Visitors to their site would immediately understand the venture fund and who their content was created for. It achieved the perfect blend of professionalism and activism.


Our efficient process allowed RISE to attend their industry event and debut their new brand with a logo, color scheme, event collateral, and functional website. They were able to share their mission with their peers and spread the word about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the health industry.

Their deliverables from Steel Croissant immediately established their credibility, professionalism, and progressiveness and will continue to for years to come.