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Educational Video Content Attracts New Leads

Client Testimonial

“Steel Croissant helped us articulate why Siveillance Video Cloud is a game-changer for our company and customers. Through planning, filming and production, their team was great to work with at every step — they even organized a safe film shoot during COVID. Their videos directly contributed to the success of our product launch and they continue to serve as an important entry point.”

Katherine Vondrak, Global Security Product Marketing Manager


About Project

The Steel Croissant team worked closely with Siveillance Video experts to create three informational videos that could be distributed by Siemens to their internal sales team and shared with their customers on social media and their website.

The Client

Siemens has been an industry-leader in focused technology since 1847.

They work with clients in the transportation, healthcare, and infrastructure industries to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds.

The Challenge

One of these technologies is the cloud-based Siveillance Video surveillance management system. This system makes use of existing security software and coordinates artificial intelligence with operator requirements.

Siemens needed a way to deliver information about their new product offering internally to their sales team and externally to their customers.

Formulating A Plan

We started our video creation process by talking with Siemens’ own subject matter experts from their corporate and product teams. We focused these interviews on Siemens’ key value propositions and market positioning to determine the direction of the video content.

Our teams decided that given the multiple audiences and various channels, we needed one video for LinkedIn, one video for Siemens' internal sales team, and one video to live on their website. We got to work creating the framework for each script, making sure we had a plan in place before our shoot.

Video Interviews

We began to select members of the Siemens’ team to interview for each of the videos. We needed people who were familiar with the Siveillance system who could speak on what it is, what it can do, and why their customers need it.  

During our video interviews, we captured the expertise of the Siemens’ team as they guided us through their new product offering. The more we learned from their experts, the more our vision for the final video began to take shape. We gained inspiration for visuals to use throughout each video and were ready to bring the vision to life.

The Edits

After the shoot, we moved on to the editing phase where we combined the interview footage with b-roll from Siemens’ video library and their product team demoing the system.

We wanted to achieve a high-tech, futuristic feel in-line with Siemens’ branding, so we incorporated custom motion graphics to move the visuals along in a cohesive, authentic way.

The resulting video delivered important product information matched with captivating visuals that spoke to the cutting-edge technology employed by Siveillance Video.

Our Results

The Siemens and Steel Croissant teams worked together to create three branded videos that Siemens now uses to show off the state-of-the-art video security system that is Siveillance Video. We took a very complex product and defined our audience and the product’s place in its market to create videos that effectively communicated what it is, who it’s for, and how it can help.  

Through our interviews, we gained a full scope view of the problems faced by Siemens’ customers and how Siveillance Video served as the best solution. This determined the direction of the videos and helped us frame the product with the right audience in mind.

By the final edits, we had created a perfect blend of strategy, copywriting, and video production. These three videos are working in harmony to address specific audiences and convey the right messages to assist in the product launch.

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