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Driving 8% Growth For Global Top 50 Organization

Client Testimonial

“Thanks to the help of Steel Croissant, we saw an increase of new service agreements related to this offering grow from 6% - 14% over the course of just one quarter!”

Travis Ezelle, Head of Automation


About Project

We worked with Siemens to create an animated video and a whitepaper to communicate how Siemens’ HVAC system is more efficient and more customer-oriented than their competitors’. They needed their information to live on their website to appeal to buyers in the consideration phase of their journey. This information needed to be shareable, educational, and capture qualified leads.

Client Request

Siemens has been an industry-leader in focused technology since 1847. Their products and services have been used by businesses across the globe to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds, bringing their clients into the next stage of the technology revolution.

One of these product offerings is an HVAC system completely and remotely manned by Siemens. Traditional HVAC systems require multiple service providers to operate. If something goes wrong, it can be a real struggle for building managers to go through the hierarchy of service providers. This often results in issues remaining unresolved or system efficiency being compromised for the comfort of the building’s occupants.

Siemens’ HVAC system eliminates the long directory of service providers, with the ability to access any part of the system from a remote location. Siemens knew their product solved a huge problem faced by building managers, the trick was figuring out how to best communicate the solution.


Once Siemens came to us with their product offering, we got to work coming up with a plan. For starters, we conducted interviews with the Siemens’ team to learn more about their HVAC system.

They were able to explain to us how having an HVAC system operated under one service provider saves their customers a lot of money and a lot of headaches. We immediately knew that this was best communicated through visual media, so we got to work.

Animated Video

We started on a script for an animated video. The script needed to appeal to the right buyer persona, address their problem, and clearly show them the solution: Siemens. The challenge was translating complex information about building HVAC systems into scenes, characters, and dialogue that would resonate with clients.

The main message centered around a holistic and unified approach to an HVAC system. We needed to build a visual business model based on Siemens’ service and maintenance. This required a script that included lines for narration as well as descriptions for the visuals.

The final video presented a building manager as the main character and an inefficient HVAC system as the problem they need to solve. Siemens steps in to guide their hero to a clear, effective solution: Siemens’ own HVAC system.


Siemens also needed a way to communicate the more complex information for building managers that wanted to learn more. We designed a whitepaper that could be downloaded and shared with interested prospects. Our copy served to answer any questions a building manager may have as they explore options for HVAC systems, while showing that Siemens is the clear front runner.

Within the whitepaper we included a custom graphic. The graphic shows the web of issues caused by HVAC systems with more than one service provider. The graphic then depicts Siemens’ system: a clear path from an HVAC malfunction to the issue being resolved.

Download the whitepaper

Our Results

Our work with Siemens helped turn their holistic approach to HVAC systems into a clear and necessary choice for building managers everywhere.

The animated video turned Siemens’ product offering into a compelling story, featuring the building managers as the main characters. It provides easy to understand visuals that clearly show why Siemens’ HVAC system is superior to their competitors.

The whitepaper serves a similar purpose, but breaks down the technical aspects for potential customers in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel. It also includes a custom graphic that further explains the difference between Siemens’ HVAC system and their competitors’.

Altogether, Siemens now has an easy way to explain their service to potential customers in two highly shareable formats. They paired the whitepaper download with a lead generation form for added value.


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