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Runway-Worthy Branding That Turns Heads for VibeIt

Client Testimonial

"Starting a company from scratch can be overwhelming. With a daunting amount of work to do, it’s essential to find the right partner to keep your launch on track and make sure you don’t get swamped. At VibeIt, we needed an experienced and efficient partner to build our brand’s visual identity and website. Steel Croissant delivered exactly what we needed. They produced a logo, brand assets and website that clearly and beautifully communicates our vision. And they were incredible to work with as well. We’re excited to expand our partnership to monthly SEO and other Growth Marketing initiatives."

Dalma Dibuz, Founder and President


About Project

We partnered with VibeIt to create a fresh, energized brand identity that would resonate with their core audience of creative professionals. We were tasked with delivering a new logo, assets, and position statements.

The Client

VibeIt began as a response to a problem in the modeling and photography industry: a lack of spaces dedicated to nurturing new professionals. For aspiring models and photographers, one of the biggest hurdles to breaking into the industry is accessing spaces to practice, learn, and grow. To solve this problem, VibeIt began hosting events in the Denver area that emphasized safety, inclusivity, and positivity.

The Denver events brought together a passionate group of models, photographers, and content creators. The community’s reaction to the events was resounding. Models described feeling comfortable and confident. Photographers praised the opportunity to collaborate. And participants took to social media to share their experiences and photos.

With a clear vision and a budding following, it was time for VibeIt to prepare for growth by solidifying their brand positioning. That’s when VibeIt sought out our services!


Naming a company is one of the most important steps in creating a brand. A good brand name should be memorable and convey the essence and purpose of the business. It should also create an emotional connection with customers and build brand recognition. For our client, finding the perfect name was crucial in establishing a strong brand identity. After extensive research and brainstorming, we landed on VibeIt, a short and memorable name that reflects the company's core values.

Brand Positioning

VibeIt came with us with a strong sense of their mission in the events market but had yet to define their identity with a set of formal values and commitments.  

A successful mission statement communicates purpose and direction. For VibeIt’s, we knew we wanted to keep it welcoming, empowering, and inclusive - affirming the company’s commitment to uplifting aspiring creative professionals in judgment-free settings.

“We create spaces that spark creativity, inspire confidence, and connect collaborators. VibeIt hosts monthly events where models and photographers work together in studio environments that are safe, supportive, and respectful.”

Five core beliefs were also identified to support the new company mission. These were centered around the themes of positivity, opportunity, community, inclusivity, and safety, which serve as guiding principles for the brand and a promise to its audience.


With VibeIt’s new mission and beliefs in place, our work turned to the visual side of the brand’s identity: a new logo. We began with a suite of mockups that explored different expressions of the brand.

VibeIt's core beliefs and purpose opened the door for a funky, light hearted logo design. The aim was to capture the positivity and joy of VibeIt events, as well as creating an appearance of nostalgic playfulness. This presented an opportunity to play around with retro-inspired shapes and typefaces, as well as playful symbols, such as stars, the sun, and smiley faces. These elements fit perfectly into the fun, lighthearted, and inclusive environment that VibeIt Events curate.

After several rounds of revisions and feedback from VibeIt’s team, a final logo was chosen. It features a vibrant swirl of colors, a buoyant wordmark, and an understated smile that emphasize the brand’s playful and diverse characteristics.


A website is often the first interaction customers have with a brand. And so it’s crucial to make a strong first impression that reflects the brand's essence and purpose. A well-designed website can increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth. For our client — a platform connecting models, photographers, and adjacent services — we designed and developed a website that highlights their team, showcases their services, and displays local events. The website serves as an extension of the brand, providing a seamless experience for customers to engage with their community of professionals.

Brand Assets

To complete our work on VibeIt’s brand identity, we created two new brand assets to support audience growth and engagement. VibeIt had found success in marketing events to their audience through two channels: online and in-person. To support these efforts, we drafted improved copy for their website and a print contact card that could be distributed directly to prospective participants. The content for both materials was informed by our earlier work on VibeIt’s logo and brand positioning.

Our Results

Our partnership with VibeIt helped to solidify their brand identity and communicate it to their growing audience of models, photographers, and creative professionals. We refined their brand positioning, created a memorable brand name and impactful website, developed a vibrant logo, and delivered key marketing assets. The resulting brand identity is distinctive, inspiring, and welcoming — a true representation of what VibeIt’s all about.


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